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Bellevue School District has collaborated with the Washington State Department of Health to be able to offer free COVID-19 testing to students and staff.The COVID-19 tests are shallow nasal swabs, which are quick and painless, and will be self-administered under observation by a trained person. We require your informed consent for the above-mentioned student (hereafter referred to as “my student”) to be able to participate in diagnostic, screening, and follow-up (reflex) COVID testing.
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● I authorize my student to participate in the pooled COVID-19 testing program to include weekly collection of specimens during school hours by school personnel and subsequent analysis by Atlas Genomics.
● I understand that I will not receive an individual result for my student from the pooled testing and that such individual results from pooled testing cannot be provided to me. Neither my student’s personal health information, nor personally identifiable information from education records will be provided to Atlas Genomics in connection with it performing COVID-19 pooled testing.
● I understand that in the event of a positive test result within my student’s screening testing cohort, follow-up or reflex testing will be necessary to determine the positive case(s) within the pool.

● I understand that BSD is providing individualized diagnostic testing, in the event of symptoms or exposure to a positive individual. BSD is also offering that, in the event of positive test result within my student’s pooled screening testing cohort, follow-up or reflex testing can determine the positive case(s) within the cohort via Genomics PCR testing.
● Testing will be self-administered by my student, and observed by trained school personnel.
● I understand that Bellevue School District will attempt to reach me by phone prior to administering diagnostic testing to my student but I fully understand that BSD may proceed based on this written consent if they are unable to reach me on the date diagnostic testing is recommended.
● I understand and acknowledge that a positive diagnostic test result is an indication that the above-named student needs to self-isolate to avoid infecting others.
● I have the right to revoke/re-invoke this authorization at any time by returning to and selecting a Testing Consent option.
● Any revocation of this authorization by me will not apply to actions that Atlas Genomics, has already taken regarding the sharing of protected health information during the period that my authorization was valid.

● I understand that false positive or false negative COVID-19 test results may occur in pooled or individual tests. Due to the potential for a false negative result, I understand that my student should continue to follow all COVID-19 safety guidance, including mask-wearing and social distancing, and follow school protocols for isolating and testing in the event my student develops symptoms of COVID-19.
● I understand that the personnel administering pooled and follow-up testing have received appropriate training on how to properly administer the test using all applicable safety guidelines. I agree that neither the test administrator nor Bellevue School District, nor any of its trustees, officers, employees, or organization sponsors are liable for any accident or injuries that may occur from my student’s participation in the testing program.
● I understand that my student must stay home if feeling unwell. I acknowledge that a positive individual follow-up test result requires that my student stay home from school, self-isolate, and continue wearing a mask or face covering as directed by school or public health officials.
● I understand the school system is not acting as my student’s medical provider or providing any medical advice and that this testing does not replace treatment by my student’s medical provider. I assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regards to my student’s test results and I agree I will seek medical advice, care and treatment from my student’s medical provider if I have questions or concerns or if their condition worsens. I understand I am financially responsible for any care my student receives from their healthcare provider.
● I understand it is my responsibility to inform the above-named student’s health care provider of a positive test result, and that a copy will not be sent to the above-named student’s health care provider for me.
● I understand that authorizing COVID-19 testing for my student is optional and that I may refuse to give this authorization, in which case, my student will not be tested.
● I understand that I may cancel this authorization at any time, but that such cancellation applies to future testing only, and will not affect information I already authorized to be released.

● By indicating my consent below, I authorize Atlas Genomics to release the results of my student’s COVID-19 test to Bellevue School District. I authorize Atlas Genomics, to disclose my student’s protected health information to Bellevue School District.
● I understand that Bellevue School District has the legal authority to determine which District personnel may receive the protected health and education information pertaining to the student, and that it will be on a “need to know” basis.
● I understand that any positive test results will be disclosed to the Seattle King County Department of Health and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and as otherwise required by law.

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